About Us

We are Shyam Rao & Katya Saini, PADI Scuba Diving instructors and the co-founders of Ocean Nomads.

Shyam, now a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, was introduced to diving in the Andaman Islands back in 2010. He went off to college in Colorado to pursue his degree in Wildlife Biology & Conservation, but was drawn back to the islands to become a professional Divemaster a few years later. Katya chanced upon diving as a part of her Masters course in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, and was so captivated by the marine world that she did her thesis project on coral recovery, and went on to becoming a dive professional too.

Having worked at the dive center of a research station, to a couple of liveaboards in the Andaman Sea, to the gorgeous Bay Islands of Honduras, we have developed an immense love for the ocean, and a passion for teaching and sharing our nomadic experiences. We are also yoga instructors, and have a passion for underwater photography and videography, which we love to share.

Become a certified diver

The PADI Open Water course is the most popular and widely recognised scuba diving course. With your PADI certification card, you can dive anywhere in the world upto the depth of 18 meters with a buddy. Completing the course usually takes about 4-5 days, however we are offering people who are interested in getting this certification, the opportunity to complete all the pool training, theory and exam right here in Bangalore.

Weekend Getaway & Training

The facility we are using is a beautiful farmhouse with a non-chlorinated infinity pool, that’s perfectly designed for scuba diving.
Situated between Bangalore and Hosur (an hour’s drive from Koramangala), it is the perfect weekend getaway.
Accommodation and food from Friday night to Sunday afternoon will be provided and this is included in the total cost.
Contact us if you would like to arrange your training on a weekday instead.

Personalized training

We keep our classes small and personalized to accommodate everyone’s different learning needs.
We take no more than 4 students at a time during our training sessions, to make sure that you have a strong theoretical and practical foundation, so you become a proficient and responsible diver. We will be your instructors all the way from the beginning of your course in the pool to the end of your course in the ocean.

Connecting with the Ocean

Diving is a great way to explore the underwater world, but we find that forming a deeper connection with the ocean gives more meaning to our diving experience.
You will have a variety of interactive presentations, discussions and practical, hands-on naturalist dives and activities that you can engage in with us, if you choose to.

Contact Us

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